Call for Partners

Call for Partners to Protect Our Coasts, Oceans, and Great Lakes


WASHINGTON, DC – On the eve of its 15-year anniversary, the Coastal States Stewardship Foundation (CSSF) Board of Directors is excited to announce their decision to broaden the organization’s coastal conservation efforts and to seek out new partnership opportunities. This “Call for Partners” will build upon successful work in the areas of coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes information and data sharing, habitat protection, stakeholder engagement, climate change adaptation and resilience, and other important issues. CSSF’s significant accomplishments to date resulted from effective collaboration with a variety of national, non-profit, and state partners. Through this work we engaged with maritime industry, conservation organizations, the fishing community, tribes, recreational users, scientists, and private citizens.

The launch of the new Coastal States Stewardship Foundation website offers an understanding of CSSF’s mission, current work it supports, and its capacity to protect and enhance healthy coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes ecosystems, and the economies they sustain. Examples of previous projects can be found on our website under “Coastal and Ocean Partners.”

CSSF’s Board of Directors, made up of coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes management leaders with years of policy and project leadership experience, are looking for opportunities to empower and collaborate with organizations to address the economic, social, cultural, and environmental challenges regarding these resources of national significance.

CSSF provides fiscal stewardship and administrative support to ocean and coastal management partners across the nation, managing grants for the institutions and regional collaborations that are breaking new ground to confront the challenges that face our communities and economies.

Please take a moment to look over the Foundation website and then contact the Board Secretary, Derek Brockbank – – about collaborative opportunities that you would like to explore with the Foundation.