Promote Innovation and Science-based Decision-making

The Foundation encourages coastal managers to explore and apply the most innovative management techniques and use science-based decision-making in their work to address the nation’s pressing coastal economic, social, cultural and environmental issues. Specifically, the Foundation works to:

  • Increase meaningful interaction among coastal decision-makers, academia and researchers
  • Increase the relevance of coastal monitoring and integrated coastal and ocean observations to near-shore and estuarine planning, policy and permitting decisions
  • Provide training and technical materials to help coastal decision-makers more effectively address estuarine, coastal and marine management needs.

Promote Improved Stewardship of Coastal and Ocean Resources

The Foundation promotes improved stewardship of ocean and coastal resources and educates the public about the benefits and value of healthy and productive coastal ecosystems. Specifically, the Foundation seeks to:

  • Foster greater public commitment to care for our nation’s coastal and ocean environment
  • Increase opportunities for coastal residents and visitors to engage in coastal stewardship activities
  • Foster increased stewardship by businesses and industries that rely on healthy and productive coastal ecosystems.